Never too old to learn?

The day I refuse to learn is the day I stop breathing!


Tick Tock…..your time is up!

There comes a time where we have to stand up to con artists who cheat on their wives by using others

To tribute or not to tribute?

Today is just one of those weird days that I am compelled to have a little whinge about ungrateful, freeloading bastards who think that they are smarter than women. Yes ladies and gentlemen I am referring to the common 'CONMAN'. I was approached by a man who asked for me to be his mistress. Fair enough, right? He … Continue reading To tribute or not to tribute?

Let’s talk about sex!

Yes, let's do it - let's talk about sex! Anything from simple fantasies, perhaps about the heavenly seduction of flirting or any Fetish that you hold secretly close to your heart. What I can't seem to understand is why we tend to hold these thoughts trapped inside us like prisoners? Why do some of us … Continue reading Let’s talk about sex!