Let’s talk about sex!

Yes, let’s do it – let’s talk about sex!

Anything from simple fantasies, perhaps about the heavenly seduction of flirting or any Fetish that you hold secretly close to your heart. What I can’t seem to understand is why we tend to hold these thoughts trapped inside us like prisoners? Why do some of us put on the airs and graces to allow our peers to think we are simple missionary people who think little of ‘the deed’ let alone the idea of weekly masturbation. (gasp, shock, horror).

I truly think that it is a shame that we have to feel pressurised to not talk about sex, to talk about our hearts (body & mind) desires.  After all we are all exactly the same, primal beings who are here to love, be nurtured, nurture and procreate. Well, how the hell are we meant to do that if we pretend we don’t do ‘it’?

I love to discuss desires with people and simply do not judge anyone for their opinions. Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t like or approve of some fantasies but I sure as hell don’t feel that any of my kinks are more important or acceptable than yours…so why not give it a try? Think about what you want, what you truly …..TRULY want and lets talk about it! Let me help your fantasy come true!



3 thoughts on “Let’s talk about sex!

  1. I’m a little bit nervous among groups of females, especially “Dominant” type in discussing sexual matters & would rather discuss the with you, a person that I do not know. Any how; all throughout my youth days I had a very kinky fantasy of imagining to pleas a “Dominant” type lady with her sitting in a type of “control chair” whereby she would pull me in to give her outrageous oral compilation & satisfying her most wanted desires of orgasms. Now I have changed & prefer noticing ladies feet & how pretty they are when painted with toe rings & gold anklet bracelets etc. Wow, sometimes they look very tasty as well!


  2. Dear Ms. Ruby “Mistress,”
    I have another email address for you & it is: . Please tell me if this is correct? Also I would like to respond to any other posts of yours besides “let’s talk about sex,” not that sex is a good thing but just because I would like to engage or expose some of my many other interests concerning the female as a Domina etc. Thank you…


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