To tribute or not to tribute?

Today is just one of those weird days that I am compelled to have a little whinge about ungrateful, freeloading bastards who think that they are smarter than women. Yes ladies and gentlemen I am referring to the common ‘CONMAN’.

I was approached by a man who asked for me to be his mistress. Fair enough, right? He offered a monthly fee in return of severe humiliation and degradation. I can almost hear you say ‘well, what is the problem then?’ Well the only thing missing from this story is the tribute, this fool thought that by throwing some big numbers around he would use that as smoke and mirrors to avoid the tribute that is EXPECTED from all subs. Regardless of creed, colour, age or class and yes, it is all for a good reason. I will explain, in due course. First I must tell you more about this arsehole.

This pathetic specimen that calls himself a man gave me access to his bank account where there seemed to be some savings in it, however he failed to see that he was also showing me that he was generally living off his overdraft and not the big hot shot ‘solicitor’ that he claimed to be (who allegedly owned 10 homes). He called me around 5-8 t imesper day and insisted that I spent most of my day texting him and showering him with attention for long periods at a time. I don’t know about you but as much as I love role play I absolutely do not have the time to dedicate to one person everyday, all day! Id like to think that I have some sort of social life, home life and just some bloody me time, surely that is allowed? Now please answer me this, if someone got hold of you on the 5th of the month and promised you £5000 per month only to be paid on the 28th of that month would you work for free all that month being on call for hours on end to feel that you are getting absolutely nothing in return? You may say yes, hell I did. However, I started thinking after a few days that things were not adding up and called him on his behaviour, he started acting more peculiar suggesting that the contract that we had may not have his actual signature on and wont be taken seriously in a court of law.  This is the exact reason why we ask for tributes, it shows any dominatrix that someone is SERIOUS about the sessions and we know you will follow through with appointments or contracts.

Well, it is safe to say that this knob head has threatened to go to the authorities if I don’t leave him alone (by leave him alone he means by me asking for the tribute he owes me for my time already spent on him). Do you think I should leave him be or do you think I should use all of my resources to get the tribute from him? We both know the answer to that…I am sick of people walking this earth extorting and selfishly using people for their own gain. If you want a service, you pay for it…it is that simple!

So when you are asked to tribute for a service that you want…do it, end of!

Stay tuned for my next blog where I begin to name and shame (yes, with photos, numbers and addresses) of arseholes who think they can get away with this bullshit!





7 thoughts on “To tribute or not to tribute?

  1. Yes, that was definitely a con, but it is difficult to understand the reasoning since there was only a short term gain. I think the person was likely an addict who just wanted to get the high from your attention.


    1. HI Dannie, apologies for not responding earlier. Perhaps it is an addiction to both being able to pull the con off and the turn on talking to a Mistress. Thank you for your message x


      1. Your welcome. You know, you are probably right. People who use BDSM are either here for good reasons or bad. I did both. I just began a kind of personal development BDSM site. Drop by some time. There Is No One Like A Domme

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      2. I was thinking. I am going to disagree with you. It could be an expression of anger too. It can happen that a person will blame another for his or her own actions. If a customer pursues a negative direction with BDSM, he could blame the Domme for the result. You are only running a service. You are not kicking in doors and forcing people to do BDSM.


  2. HI Dannie,

    Your comment if a point well made and is a good example of how people in general blame others for bad choices they made in their lives. Its a classic sign of denial as well as being a total arrogant dickhead, unfortunately we have to deal with these sorts of people more often than we would want to, alas….this is the way the cookie crumbles?
    As for kicking in doors…well I can do that for a few of course *cheeky grin*.

    Have a lovely day x

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  3. Dear Ms. Ruby “Mistress,” I don’t know how I came upon your “Blog” address but even so I love your thoughts & would like to subscribe to your latest news etc. I’m very new to the dominant woman lifestyle & it excites me to know that a brave woman such as you is in total control of a common man that I would like to be. Though I do not have much wealth on hand I may in the future & may even ask your permission for an engagement but would definitely not be as corrupt as that “a hole” you recently talked about etc. I have never had an FL type of relationship but am very interested! The only thing about me is that I am quite Self centered since as long as I can remember but am working on those character defects. I also know for a fact that women, in general , control most of the wealth on this planet i.e. Queens, Dominatrixes & not to mention the fact they usually out live men etc. etc. I would like some feed back, if you would, on how a common hard working guy like me could get involved in the “femdom” arena? Thank you very much…


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