Never too old to learn?

The past few months I have had the privilege of meeting some really lovely people. Perhaps to others in the ‘real world’ my new-found friends could be considered strange or weird, but to me they are perfectly imperfect!

I have had some requests from those friends that could make your eyes water however while you may see it as strange I find it curious and entertaining. Perhaps you may think I’m purely depraved (I’m sure there is some truth to it)  but I truly believe that I am never too old to learn new things. In my case, this has come in the form of listening to people’s fantasies and helping them live out the fantasy in as much detail as possible. Everyone has their own ‘normal’ and equally their hard limit so I challenge any person to stand in front of me and tell me that their ‘normal’ is right! Speaking of hard limits, I can appreciate that some may not understand what that means so when I say hard limit I am referring to the fact that are things you are willing to do with a person and there are some ‘absolutely no fucking way’ things, for example “water sports, skat, anal”. Now those things could be someone else’s soft limits or even ok things to do.  Everyone has a different normal and I am always learning that if I am accepting of all fantasies I will always be learning new things from people.

The moment you stop accepting new fantasies and choose to disregard other people’s ‘normal’ you have said to the world ‘I refuse to learn new things’. Then so be it, you will stay in your stuffy comfort bubble and give off vibes to the world that you don’t want to talk about anything other than your ‘normal’. A little old school and selfish don’t you think?

I find it amusing to sit and read emails from my new friends.  Some are telling me how they want fruit up their asses or to turn my feet into a delicious sundae and lick the cream off each toe while others are adult babies or very naughty school boys who want to be disciplined by a headmistress. From time to time there is someone who says something that has hit my hard limit and I have to ask to not be emailed again, those are few and far between to be honest. So if you have a fantasy why not email me, give me something new to learn or allow me to teach you a thing or two!



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